Posted on Apr 19, 2021

Reds Advertising CC

Why use display materials?
What we mean by display materials is: gazebo, pull up banner, point of sale tables for malls, flags, variety of signs, posters, mobiles, plaques, banners, shelf tapes/talkers, mechanical mannequins, lights, mirrors, plastic reproductions of products, check-out units, dump bins, racks of various literature, bunting (string flags) etc.

Display materials perform four very important marketing functions:
• informing,
• reminding,
• encouraging and
• merchandising.

Benefits you get out of display materials:
• Keep the company and brand name/s visible to the consumer
• Reinforces brand image
• Call attention to special offers
• Stimulate impulse purchases

In conclusion, not a lot of imagination is needed to realize that all these benefits lead to increased sales, especially while we are experiencing the COVID pandemic. A wide variety of display materials are available, one is only limited to one’s imagination. They can be temporary or permanent, static or moving, interactive with the consumer and video merchandising centres.

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