Posted on Feb 11, 2021

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Are You Future Ready?
An article came across my desk. #brand

Future-ready companies share four characteristics:
1. They are clear on who they are and what they stand for
2. They operate with speed and simplicity
3. They grow through learning
4. They build their brand

1. Being clear on who they are and what they stand for
Companies that know who and what they are, instil a sense of what really matters in every employee. Companies with a clear purpose that is real and authentic attract and keep a better team and loyal customers and attract investors.

2: Operating with speed and simplicity.
Decision making is on steroids. Future-ready organisations are structuring themselves in ways that make them fitter, flatter, faster and far better at providing considerable value.

3. Growth by learning
Future-ready companies treat talent as their top priority and scarcest resource. They’ll zero in on three core questions: what talent do we need, how do we attract it and how can we manage talent most effectively to deliver on our value proposition?

4. Build your brand
Companies who commit themselves to building their brand will ensure they have the edge over their competitors. It takes time, effort and budget but the rewards are ten-fold.

Written by Rhonda Page.
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