Posted on May 5, 2021

Reds Advertising CC

How do you keep your position in the market?

At this unprecedented COVID time you are facing a challenging stage to protect your position in your specific market.
How do you keep your position? Million-dollar question, right?

The 2 fundamentals in keeping your position: who you are targeting and how do you differentiate your brand?

There are many strategies for positioning but keep it simple. Focus on your core. Like Coca-Cola, their syrup is the core.
Who to target? Focus on a particular group.

Once you know this, then send out your mailers, but with added emphasis on personal sales by giving a corporate gift or clothing. They see your mailer but also see the clock, diary, calendar pen caddy, notebook on their desks or a bottle opener on the keyrings. Keeping you Top of Mind! 82% of the people who receive the gift have a favourable impression of the brand!

Clothing has a long lasting impression on customers. Do you know that branded winter jackets have a 95% recall of the brand? In addition, it has 86% positive sentiment towards the advertiser. Value for money: well worth the spend!

Just a few aspect to get the brain juices working. If you need any further help on strategising your position, please call me.
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